Dayco Metal is the company that produces to the Professional Hygiene Equipments since 2005. We are located in 3000m2 area in Topkapı  which is the industrial area of İstanbul. Behind our local distribution channels, we export many countries all around the world as European, Middle Eastern and Russian countries. Our products are presented to the consumers with the highest quality by being passed through the planning, producing, controlling and approval stages. For that reason, we are known and preferred in our market. With the principle of ‘the customer satisfaction is our success’ we have reached our targets in the domestic and foreign markets in a very short time by establishing strong customer relations both before and after sales. After that, with bigger aims, we have been going on our way without giving any concession from our innovation, trust and harmony principles.


  • Do not give any concession from high quality.
  • Be able to meet the requests and demands of our customers till the end.
  • Keep up with the globalization and the trends, changing every passing day.
  • Follow the technological developments.
  • Establish strong communication ties.
  • Provide benefits to the social and ecelogic surroundings.


Maintain submitting quality and aesthetic products in the Turkish and the World markets, that will make the consumer’s life easy, and become a leader in the sector.”